Your WFH Outfit Based On Your April Horoscope

Hey babes! What a crazy last month it's been! With more of you working remotely and finding yourself spending more time at home over an extended period of time, it’s easy to feel disconnected, unmotivated, or even bored. But here’s an idea: instead of thinking that you’re trapped inside, consider this an opportunity to try all the creative and interesting things you’ve always put on the backburner. You can learn a new language or skill, connect with loved ones near and far, and in general, get some quality “you” time. To help get you started, here is some outfit inspo to keep you cozy AND chic at home! 


Aries! Your birthday month has come and while times are different right now, you're still totally able to celebrate as much as we know you'd love to! Try learning a new drink recipe, or spending some time decorating your space to feel extra special this month! Do whatever makes you feel happy and be as extra as you'd like- you deserve it! 
Aries, we know "Aries-Red" is kinda your thing. We've got you covered, babe. You deserve to go all out for your birthday month, but still staying comfy since you'll be celebrating from home. Our Sunbather Romper is so perfect for relaxing at home while staying cozy. Pair with our Weekend Black Platform Sandals for a complete indoor-birthday chic look! 



Taurus! Take some time off and enjoy indulging in something this month, whether that's a new project or a new recipe!  Use that new air fryer you haven’t opened yet. Test out your baking skills or mix up a fun cocktail! This month is all dedicated to learning a new skill and spending some real quality time at home- we know, that's your favorite. You've got this, Taurus! 


Taurus, we know you're all about comfort AND style so we have your new go-to staying home look! Our Nora White Turtleneck Bodysuit is maximum comfy, but still so cute styled with our Too Easy Drawstring Jeans. Add something special to your look with our Sofia Black Lace Bralette



Gemini! While at home this next month, try to make sure you get some real quality time to yourself. Your true nature is one that thrives on intense thought, creativity, and emotion. Try your hand at painting, drawing, knitting, or anything that involves using your hands. You may even discover a hidden creative talent! Indulge in spending time loving yourself! 

Gemini, we know you need to plan out the perfect outfit to just relax at home! Style our Krista Black Bodysuit with our Don't Sweat It Oatmeal Joggers for max comfort. If you want to feel a bit more dressed up, add on our Sofia Black Lace Bralette (just for fun!). If you need to venture outside, slide on our Parker White Sneakers! Time to celebrate you, babe! 


This month may be a good time for you to spend some time to change up your home decor, Cancer.  Rearrange the furniture, touch up chipped paint (if you have extra paint), swap pictures or change out frames– you get the idea! Spend some time making sure your home is making you feel cozy and loved this month! You've got this, Cancer! 

Get yourself super cozy, Cancer! Our Carrie Grey V-Neck Crop Top is the perfect spring addition that transitions just as easily from work-from-home life to brunch with the girls. Just add our Don't Sweat It Black Joggers for max comfy time! 


Leo! Get ready to become the newest beauty guru this month! Practice makes perfect, and you’ve got time on your hands, right? Check out some fun makeup and hair tutorials and experiment with new looks! We all know how much you love getting dressed up, but who says you can't do it from home?! You've got this, lioness.


Who said you can't make a statement from home? Make your home your runway this month with the hottest new trends! Try pairing our Carrie Black V-Neck Crop Top with our Lynn Light Wash Jeans. Add something a little extra (just like you!), like our Dream It Cheetah Heels! 


Virgo babe, spending some time this month getting organized will help you tremendously feel less stressed! You may find that getting organized helps you to be more productive, so make lists and timetables, use strategies that can help you stay on track, and you’ll find that your concentration is so enhanced you won’t miss a thing! Take your time for you, and invest your energy into making it a reality in your life- it’s all possible! 


Virgo, we know you have a deep love for getting dressed up and looking your best! Don't worry, we totally support dressing to the nines at home! Our Krista Black Bodysuit makes the perfect comfy staple, but paired with our Del Mar Denim Paperbag Shorts is still dressed up! Pair with our Malibu Black Crocodile Sandals and Carolina Tan Hat if you feel like venturing outside for a walk! 


Libra, we know how cooped up you must feel. There's so much to see and you're stuck at home! Take some time to go on a virtual tour- all from the comfort of your couch. Museums all around the world are giving people a chance to wander through the halls and see featured collections, minus the crowds. To start, you can visit Amsterdam, Paris, and Florence- all online! Get out and explore Libra (from home!).
Libra, we know you love both statement pieces and your go-to everyday basics. This month, wear a bit of each! Pair our Carrie Grey V-Neck Crop Top with our Do It Right Distressed Jeans and  Sofia Black Lace Bralette
Scorpio babe, take some time to clear your mind this month. Spending more time at home means you are able to do all the things you've been putting aside, like meditating!  Get into the practice of spending a few minutes every day being present, mindful, and aware. Starting your mornings off with meditation apps will lead to a calmer mindset throughout your day. You've got this! 


Scorpio! You're one of the most mysterious signs in the zodiac, and you take this quality into your style. Scorpios have an uncanny knack for being both put-together 24/7 yet still casual (how do you do it?!). The perfect example of this is our Soul Mates Olive Turtleneck Bodysuit styled with our Cameron Olive Camo Joggers, and a bit of drama with our Sofia Black Lace Bralette


Someone is needing your strength this month, Sagittarius. Spending some time connecting with loved ones has never been more important, and never been easier than with today's technology. Even if you can’t see your loved ones in person, a good video chat is the next best thing. Schedule some face to face time or even a virtual happy hour with your BFFs. Maybe work on a care package and send it off to someone in need. How can you help others this month, Sagittarius? 

Who said you can't just lounge at home in a bra? Our Muse Black Lace Bralette makes the perfect work-from-home attire, especially when paired with our Lily Paperbag Shorts! If you feel like going for a stroll around the neighborhood, throw on our Weekend Black Platform Sandals for both comfort and style! 


Capricorn, this month is the perfect time to take a breather and focus on yourself for a bit! Put on some relaxing music, grab your favorite bath bomb or salts (and maybe a glass of wine), and enjoy a good old bathtub soak. Maybe even try out that new face mask you haven't had a chance to try yet? All in all, this IS a good thing!

Tired of wearing sweats? Us too! Update tried and true basics with a little twist- like these Wendy Olive Drawstring Shorts! Style these with our Dania White Ribbed Tube Top for some extra comfort, and dress up your look with our Malibu Black Crocodile Slide-On Sandals! 

Aquarius, spend your next month making personalized gifts for your loved ones. Go through your camera roll and pick a few of your favorite photos to be printed into cards, posters, or photo books that you can give as gifts or display at home. Get creative with it, you never know how much a gift as simple as a framed photo can mean to someone. Keep going and keep pushing on to the end!

Cozy...but make it fashion! Just because you want to be comfy Aquarius, that doesn't mean you can't still stand out! Try experimenting with mixing fabrics and colors with our Erica Peach Ribbed Crop Tank Top paired with a tried and true addition, like our Do It Right Distressed Jeans. If you feel like heading outside for an evening walk, add on our Malibu Raffia Slide-On Sandals! 


Pisces babe, we know how much of a romantic you are at heart. This month- if you are getting restless staying indoors, try heading outside for a picnic! Bring some of your favorite snacks, and all of your favorite drinks! You can even get creative and try your hand at crafting the perfect Pinterest-worthy charcuterie board! You’ve got the creativity AND the practicality to change your life in a real-life magical way.


The perfect outfit for a cute picnic date with yourself, Pisces! Our Show Me Love Mint Floral Crop Top is so so chic, and pairs perfectly with our Caspian Distressed Denim Shorts! Just add flowers and snacks for the perfect picnic!