How To Make A No-Sew Bandana Mask In 5 Easy Steps

Hey babes! Shandyn from the Priceless Team here! As the world continues to navigate the best path to reducing the spread of COVID-19, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been regularly updating its recommendations. Previously, the CDC said it was not necessary for people to wear a face mask to cover their nose and mouth when out in public but now they’re recommending that even those who aren’t feeling sick should still wear a mask, in addition to practicing social distancing.

Well, why can’t I just tie a bandana around my face? And one might answer: you can! However, this simple no-sew face mask is much more secure, won’t slip down AND offers 3 more layers of protection than the super-thin two layers you get by folding it into a triangle and tying it around your head, which means extra protection. Keep reading to see how to easily create your own bandana mask at home in 5 quick steps!


What You’ll Need…

  • Cloth Bandana (Need one? We got you! Check out our Rebel Hearts Bandana! It comes in 3 super cute colors, is reusable and only $3!)
  • Two skinny hair-ties or rubber bands


No-Sew Bandana Mask Tutorial



No-Sew Bandana Mask Tutorial

Open your bandana up and lay it out on a flat surface. 

Then, fold each (2) sides inward until the ends meet, overlapping just a little bit.



No-Sew Bandana Mask Tutorial

Fold each side inward AGAIN, overlapping just a little bit.

NOTE: Hold it up to your face to make sure it covers the middle of your nose all the way down to the bottom of your chin for maximum protection! 


No-Sew Bandana Mask Tutorial

Slip one hair elastic over each end of your long rectangular fabric and slide down about 5″ or so, whatever works for how big you want your face mask to be.



No-Sew Bandana Mask Tutorial

Fold ends inward, over the elastics and overlap them to secure in place. 


No-Sew Bandana Mask Tutorial

 Fold the remaining side into the other end of the bandana to create a secure hold.

And it's that easy!

No-Sew Bandana Mask Tutorial

We said it would be quick and easy! Now hold your mask at the center and up to your mouth and nose then slip the elastics over your ears so it fits snuggly. Adjust until it covers all areas and has little to no gaps around the edges. 

Just take your mask apart and toss your bandana in the HOT wash after each wear!

No-Sew Bandana Mask Tutorial

We hope this little at-home tutorial was helpful! You can grab a cute cloth bandana HERE, plus, spread the word by posting your no-sew bandana mask and tag @shoppriceless! We'd love to hear from you. Comment below if you have any questions or just want to leave us a note! XOXO, babes!

Shandyn Barnard