Another month has flown by, & you're ready to know what April has in store for you! Or more importantly, you're looking for some more instant outfit inspo! Two-piece sets have been taking over the market this season for obvious reasons. I mean, who doesn't like looking chic without making a fus! Effortless style? Count me in! 🙋🏼

- Piper Shae 💋


The month of April is the beginning of Spring and time for renewal so expect new opportunities to rise soon. Make sure when you renew yourself, you don't throw away every part of yourself. The parts you see as negative are just as important to who you are as a person as the positives.


You will be feeling high energy this month, and it will greatly help in your ambitions in life. Maybe you haven't gone as far in your career as you would have liked and that is what this month is meant to help you with. A new start in your work life is coming. Work hard and be patient and you will see it all pay off for you soon!


Maybe you have felt like you haven't done as much with your life as you would have liked. Maybe you have all these dreams for yourself and you wish that they could come true and luckily this month will help you get a start on those dreams. Make goals and follow them precisely to make sure you're on the right path to start your dream.


It's time to throw out all that old baggage and make way for new memories in your life. It's hard to move on especially if something difficult happened in your life, but you cannot be truly happy if you hold on to that negativity. Spring is the time of renewal and there's no better time to throw out all the old and bring in the new.


There is no better time to reevaluate your relationship than in the new beginnings of spring. Maybe your relationship isn't quite what you wished for or maybe you're having issues in your current relationship but whatever the case, it needs to be aired out. While this may be uncomfortable to do, it's important and it will help relieve any stress that may be plaguing you currently.


Your family is most important to you and that is why you may need to settle some of the things that have arisen among your loved ones. It's never easy to argue with family but sometimes it is important, especially to clear out the dust. When you do so, you'll see that you may have a closer and better relationship with them afterwards.


Are you someone that put yourself out in the spotlight? If not, it may be best for you to try and get out there, talking to new people and making some friends. If you don't have trouble making friends, it may also help you to try and expand your social circle. When you have more friends, you'll see a great improvement in your life.

You may be feeling a bit of wanderlust this month, so why not take advantage of it? It's important to travel and see the world around you, especially to gain new experiences and relax a little. You may be stepping outside your comfort zone by doing so and finding yourself making some excuses but try to find any opportunity available to explore the world around you in the month of April.


You are definitely feeling a bit more closed in this month and that's quite alright. It may be a change for you to probably stay indoors with your close friends but it's something you may need to help relax your mind. Don't feel guilty at all for relaxing; it's important to do so from time to time for your well-being.

Have you ever taken any serious thought into your health? It's important that you are taken care of and it may be wise of you to implement a new habit such as clean eating or going to bed earlier to help keep you feeling healthy. While you may find it difficult at first, stick with it and you will find it becomes much easier when the effects start to benefit you.

If you are people pleaser or find that you have a hard time saying no to others, it may be best for you to try and look out for yourself a little more. While it's good to help others, it may hurt you in the long run if you ignore your own feelings. Learn to stand up for yourself a bit more and you may see some great things arise from it.

It's time to look into a hobby or activity this month! It's good for your mind and soul to have something that occupies you and that you can learn and become proud of. Search around for different ones until you find something that really speaks to you.

Piper Shae