Meet one of our FAV #PricelessBabes, Kemper from @joandkemp! We don't think this tiny blonde ball of fun ever stops going! We got the chance to talk style, trends, culture, travel, & of course, chocolate! Keep reading for our exclusive interview & follow her on IG @joandkemp for some serious OOTD Goals! 

What style trends are you looking forward to this Spring?
I am OBSESSING over everything cropped. I’m not sure if that’s technically “in” this season, but I’m loving it. Also loving lilac, vintage florals & sneakers!
What's one trend you're happy that made a comeback?
High waist everything & trousers. 2 of my favorites that I wear almost everyday!
What is your go-to day in the sun outfit?
Denim shorts, a crop top, sneakers & sunnies 
Who is your style icon?
I get a ton of style inspo from Claire Rose! Love her looks!
If you could live in a movie, which would you choose?
The Notebook! Cliche, but so true!
Do you have any hidden talents?
I have been a gymnast & dancer my whole life, so I’m used to being upside down more than right side up, & I love to dance!
Where do you get your inspiration?
I’m inspired by so many amazing influencers out there! I also love getting inspo from Pinterest, & oddly enough, even paintings sometimes. I love abstract/colorful paintings & they can sometimes inspire my looks. 
What is your favorite vacation destination?
I grew up going to Destin Florida most of my life, & it’s beautiful there. It’s kind of become home away from home. 
Guilty pleasure?
CHOCOLATE! I’m not so low key obsessed. 
What's something others would be surprised to know about you?
I actually graduated from college with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology with the initial intention of studying medicine. But my heart has always been in fashion, so I’m just holding on to my degree for keepsake 😉
Where are you dying to travel to next?
Hawaii & Bora Bora... & we are definitely DYING to go!
What will you not leave the house without?
My Apple watch. I just recently got it... not sure why I’m so behind on this trend, but now I’m obsessed!
If you could eat one thing endlessly & not gain weight from it, what would it be?
Cake, cookies, Little Debbie’s, Donuts, anything chocolate... I’m telling you, it’s an obsession!
What’s something that will always be in fashion, no matter how much time passes?
For me, high waisted denim. I’m really not sure how I ever wore anything else. But there’s no turning back now! & sneakers. 
What's some advice to a beginning blogger?
Enjoy the ride! Don’t focus so much on gaining followers or trying to make the world see you. Just post content that’s true to you, use your tags & hashtags, & enjoy whatever comes along with it! Speaking from experience, I think a lot of us can get so caught up in the social media world, that it can start to be where we put our self value. So I would definitely suggest not taking it too seriously. Work hard but enjoy the ride!
Thanks so much for answering our questions, Kemp! XO
Piper Shae