Does the thought of heading back to class have you seeing stars? Then now's the time to look to the cosmos for tips on a smooth transition! With the impending school year comes a plethora of changes along with a number of commitments. For some signs, these new challenges can be exiting. But for others, the multitude of decisions can be overwhelming. Add on the stress of trying to decide what to wear on your first day back, and it's enough to make anyone's head spin! That's why we teamed up with Heather Rose to figure out the perfect outfit for you based off of your sign! We guarantee you'll be over the moon with what the universe has picked out for you! Check out which pieces are a match made in heaven plus a horoscope reading to help you get back into the classroom with ease!

You have no problem holding off your commitments until September because this month is all about fun! Make sure to be around people with a positive energy and keep your attitude positive as well. You attract what you put out there. While it may be difficult, your optimism will pay off in the long run.

Aquarius Picks   


You have a set goal that you're working towards by September but remember not to wear yourself out. It may be tempting to finish it all before the school year but you'll end up burning out. You have a natural ability to demonstrate the right way to go. Have faith in your abilities and you will reach your goal before you know it.

Pisces Picks


This month is all about mentally preparing yourself for the upcoming school year. It's easy to become anxious about certain situations but remember to stay calm and focus on the now. While you may want the year to go perfectly, it won't if you worry consistently. Take a deep breath and remember to look ahead.

Aries Picks


There's a lot going on in your life currently but just remember when one door closes, another one opens. Don't waste all your energy on things that do not deserve it. It may be tempting to help others but just remember that when you help others who are not there for you, you'll lose your energy. Just remember to follow your instincts and do what you think is right.

Taurus Picks

August is your time to shine! While you may feel pressured to get everything completed before the school year, this is your time to have fun! Forget about the pressures of school and instead make your last summer month absolutely memorable. Enjoy the sun while you can!
Gemini Picks

There is change waiting for you in the close future and it's the kind of change you've been wishing for. Make sure to observe and wait before making any commitments in September. While you may want to jump right into it, it's better to go in with a clear mind. Just remember to be careful for what you wish for.

Cancer Picks


There's a new and daring environment waiting for you in the horizon. You may not feel prepared for all these new changes coming up but you'll find yourself pleasantly surprised. You'll soon be making new friends and lasting memories! Trust that these changes are leading you to where you want to be.

Leo Picks


August is the best month for you to make any changes you've been thinking about. This is your lucky month and it seems like everything is going perfectly for you! You'll experience plenty of new opportunities and adventures in the coming month. Don't be afraid to take chances!

Virgo Picks


You definitely need a break this month! You've been extremely busy going back and forth this summer and you need a second of relaxation before the school year. Take a step back and just watch and review this month. You'll be surprised at what you learn.

Libra Picks


You had a lot of fun and excitement this summer but now it's time to start learning. You'll learn a lot in this upcoming month and that will help you out in September. While some things may be unclear now, it'll all make sense soon enough. Just remember to keep an eye out and to always be on alert.

Scorpio Picks



Life seems to be backtracking right now so it's best to stop and reassess your current situation. If life continues as how it is currently, bad vibes will get ya' down come September. Get rid of any clutter in life such as bad relationships or any mental strain! Just take a step back and take a breather.

Sagittarius Picks



You want to make some drastic changes for the school year but maybe you should wait just a bit longer. What may seem like a good idea now miight come back to bug you in the future. You may feel pressured and frustrated, but it is best to wait. You'll see your patience pay off in September.

Capricorn Picks


Stay tuned for next month's horoscope by Heather Rose! She'll give you guidance on matters as simple as which shoes to wear to the dance to as important as what career fits your personality best!


Justine Searle