The empowerment of women has been a topic for discussion for quite some time. But it's been at the forefront of our minds recently due to the fact that America has a female candidate in the running for a major party for the first time in our history. It's true that women have faced many barriers to gain the equality we have here in America. So why are we still battling it out with each other over petty things when we could be banning together to continue on this uphill climb to complete gender equality? That's a question that's been buzzing around for far too long. So here's a simple solution to this problem: Starting a girl gang! So what is a girl gang exactly? Well, according to Urban Dictionary, it can be defined as, "those fearless ladies who exude self-confidence and help build their fellow sistas up, not tear them down." Now that's something we here at Shop Priceless can get behind!  In fact, we have created a whole collection geared toward the girl gang movement! It launches today, so go check out the entire collection here! Girl power on, ladies!

Photography by Noel Alva
On Hayley (left) - Jacket | Top | Choker | Jeans | Booties
On Megan (middle) - Jacket | Top | Choker | Jeans | Booties
On Natasha - (right) - Jacket | Top | Choker | Jeans | Booties


What does a girl gang mean to you? Let me know in the comments!


Alex Petropulos