It's the most wonderful time of the year🎶  Am I right? Christmas time is here and if you're anything like us, you're fully embracing the season!🎄  It's the time of year for non-stop Christmas parties, family get-togethers and of course, lots of presents! Sometimes this season can get pretty hectic so if you need a little holiday cheer, take a peek at your December Horoscope! Along with each astrological sign comes a little holiday outfit inspiration!✨
For the month of December, you can expect a ton of parties and events to come your way. If you're not usually a social butterfly, you'll be coming out of your shell a bit more this season. Get ready to embrace your party side and have the time of your life this month. 

If you're thinking about making any major changes lately, it may be best to leave them for the renewal of the next month. During this month, try to just enjoy the holiday and appreciate all it has to bring. Take some time and freedom to mull over your decision before making any permanent changes. 
This month would be the perfect time for you to try something new and different! Maybe instead of being the one invited to a holiday gathering, you can be the one to host something great that will have others talking. It may be a bit nerve-wreaking but you'll soon find that you'll have a great time with your friends and family.
This holiday is the perfect time to have some quality time with your loved ones and just appreciate the time you have together. Maybe you haven't spent as much time with them as you would've liked but now is the chance to do so. Nothing brings people together quite like some holiday cheer. 
This December, you'll be kissing under the mistletoe before you know it. Whether it's with a current partner or someone new, you'll have quite the steamy winter. Your romance is only just starting this month and you can be sure to expect much more in the following months. 
A white holiday is in the forecast for you this year, Cancer and you can be sure to look forward to it with excitement! You'll be heading on a trip somewhere a bit cold this month and you'll have plenty of exciting opportunities awaiting you. Make sure to bundle up because it's going to be a chilly but unforgettable time. 
Are you the type of person who tends not to spend too much on others and instead shows your gratitude and love in others way? Well, this month would be the perfect time to open your wallet just a bit more if you can spare it. Don't forget to treat yourself as well, you're an important person to treat and it's good to show yourself a bit of self-care.
Winter holidays happen to be the most favorite time of the year for you but only if you can spend it somewhere comfortable. You like to be bundled up in front of a fire, chatting away with your loved ones and this December holds that for you. Take a break from the constant stress of life and relax a little. You'll be glad you did once this month is over.  
You can be a pretty stubborn person at times and just like a mountain, you can't be moved. When you make up your mind, there is no changing and there will be a situation this month that will require that stubbornness. Don't give in to any pressures from people around you and you'll see luck turn in your favor
You're in the mood to be a little more lively than usual, Scorpio and the winter holidays is the best time to let loose a little. You're ready to be in the spotlight and hit up all the places around you. Try not to get too out of hand though because too much of a good thing can quickly turn on you and you may end up regretting it. 
This holiday doesn't hold much for you this year in the terms of events and you're quite alright with that actually. You're in the mood to be more laid-back and relax with a few good movies and hot chocolate. Don't let the knowledge of your friends possibly having a good time at various parties bother you at all; chances are, you're having a much better time than they are.
What the winter holidays hold for you this year is actually a new hobby for you to dive into. It's different than anything you've ever known but it's everything you ever wanted at the same time. Keep at it even when it may get frustrating and you'll quickly find a new thing that you love.
Alex Petropulos