"It's already that time?!" you might be asking? YES! Halloween is coming, and fast! I'm the type of girl who always gets stuck at the last second being something boring for Halloween because I didn't put the time in beforehand. Lucky for you, we've done all the work for you! This costume is the first of our seven part #PricelessHalloween collection, where we bring you tutorials, DIY's, and costumes! Stay tuned to the end of the post to see how celebrity MUA Allison Pynn worked her magic for this stellar look! Buckle up, it's about the get spooky!

For our action movie aficionados, we're bringing you the starlet of the 1964 James Bond 'Goldfinger' movie! We had so much fun recreating this iconic 60's Bond Girl and think you'll steal the night in this fabulous and creative costume!

The Makeup

We wanted to keep this look simple yet sultry, so we opted for a black smokey eye with some pops of gold!

You'll want to start by priming your eyelids with concealer and setting that with some loose translucent or beige power. This step is super important to prevent your fabulous eyeshadow from creasing! The thing about black eyeshadow is it can be a bit hard to blend, so we definitely recommend starting with a small amount and building it gradually! You'll achieve that smokey look you're wanting that way. At the same time, you want this look to be bold so don't be afraid to keep building! We used a small fluffy brush to help with the blending. You'll also want to bring some of the shadow down to your lower lash line with a smaller tapered brush to smoke out the look a little bit!

Once you've got your smokey base done, it's time to add that golden touch! We added a gold inner corner to tie the look together with the eyes! Using that same small tapered brush, we outlined the inner corner and brought the gold shimmer shadow down a bit. To bring the eyes together a bit, we opted for a small wing on the upper lid and tightlined with a black pencil liner for the lower lash line. This extra darkness will bring the look together and make your lashes look fuller! We then went in with individual lashes and glued them on the outer portion of her lid! Singles give you a little more control on how many lashes you want to use and give your lashes a more natural, fuller look. People won't be able to notice you're wearing falsies!

Moving on to the face! Make sure you sweep off the excess black shadow before moving on! We took a foundation brush and swept on our models normal color mixed with a darker shade for the hollows of her cheeks! This gives her a more blended, yet darker contour for that hollowed face look we're going for! Make sure to use a small concealer brush when blending out your foundation under your eyes to not mess up your lower lash line shadow!

After you've got your foundation and concealer on, you'll want to pack on some fine gold shimmer highlight before setting your face! This will ensure the highlight stays on longer and is a bit bolder! We also used a dense brush to bring the highlight up onto her forehead as a base for the glitter we'll put on in the next step. Don't be afraid to pack this on, the more gold the better for this look!

Now that you've got your gold base, it's time for the fun to begin! We took a still fine, yet larger gold glitter for the rest of the look. Not wanting to shine bright like a diamond for the next 3 weeks? Use lash glue to hold the glitter down! It's not as harsh as normal glue and won't harm your skin! We used the glue on her forehead in scattered lines and then used our fingers to pat in the glitter to make sure it looked natural, uniform, and we weren't wasting glitter! 

You'll want to use this same technique over your cheekbones and you can even bring it down onto your neck and chest if you want! We think this adds a sexy touch and really ties the look to the costume!

Homestretch, we're almost done! All that's left is the lips and some final touches for the eyes. We took that same fine powder glitter we used for the highlight and applied it to the lips mixed with some clear gloss or chapstick. This will ensure it'll stick to your lips and not flake off. We used a lighter hand on this portion, because you'll want your true lip color to show through a little (straight up gold lips might wash you out a little)! Once you've got the lip down, you'll want to separate your lower lashes with a spoole, just to make sure your eyes are fresh and poppin'!

VOILA! Your makeup is done! This costume was seriously a breeze. Now onto the final details... hair!

The Hair

Don't be intimidated by the glitter, this hairstyle is actually super easy and should only take you 5-10 minutes! First, take some hair gel and slick your hair back as you would for a low pony. You'll want to run a brush or comb through your hair in the front first to make sure it's all slicked back for this no-part low pony! Secure the hair down with a hair tie at the nape of your neck. All that's left to do is add the glitter! We found that using a brush allowed for more control of the glitter versus just dumping it onto your hair! You can even use the same dense brush you used for the highlight.

The look is complete! Wasn't that hair a snap? Seriously so easy yet so chic. Now to the final steps before you're ready for all Hallows Eve...

The Costume

There's no other way to dress like a Bond Girl than in FULL metallic gold! This bralette top and legging combo will have you rocking the costume party and taking home best dressed! We love costumes that no one has really done before, and I can guarantee there will be no one else dressed like you wherever you end up! Want the full look? You're in luck, we've got it all! Shop the top and leggings, heels, and even the gold plated choker!

Still not sure you can pull of this DIY look? It's seriously way easy, and we've even made a step by step tutorial video to help you out with any other questions you might have!

Make sure to get some killer photos and tag us @shoppriceless #PricelessHalloween if you try out this look! We're dying to see how it turns out on you all! Stay tuned for our next Halloween look, coming super soon! 💛

Piper Shae


Beautiful look, but the starlet in the Goldfinger movie had long flowing blonde hair. Would gold face paint work well?

— JoAnn