Sometimes classic costumes are the best ones! Last minute Halloween parties always pop up, so having an easy costume you can use everyday items to create is a must have! We asked celebrity MUA Allison Pynn to create some easy DIY Halloween Costumes, and she delivered! This cute DIY Deer Costume & Makeup will have you looking party ready in 30 minutes or less! 😘

The Makeup 

This look is seriously SO easy!! We started with the eyes to avoid the eyeshadow fallout from ruining our foundation! Start with primed eyes and a fluffy brush and gently buff in a mauve-blush color into your crease. We always recommend starting with a small amount of shadow so you can build up to the intensity you desire! You can always add more shadow, it's hard to take back too much! After you've got a mauvey outer corner, we went in with a white-ivory shimmer for the inner portion of the lid. This trick actually makes your eyes look bigger, giving you that doe-eyed look we're going for!

For this look, we opted for a sharp wing to bring some attention to the mauvey eyes! Need some help with your wing game? Allison Pynn recommends outlining your wing with a brown shadow so you can just draw over it with your gel liner! Makes free-handing your wing much much easier! Thanks Allison! After we did the wing, we applied some single lashes to give a more controlled and natural look to the lashes! Blend your natural lashes into the falsies with some mascara.

Once you're done with the wing, the eyes are complete! You're free to apply your foundation, concealer, and setting powder how you normally do! After your face is set, we recommend going in with a powder bronzer to bring some color into the face! Powder bronzer isn't as pigmented and strong as liquid bronzer, and it gives a softer look! We used a pinky blush on the apples of our models cheeks to bring her face upwards and add in more color! Highlight and do your brows as normal. Next on the list - lips! Line your lips with a mauvey nude lip liner and fill in with your favorite gloss!

Now - the fun part! We grabbed some simple white face paint and a small tapered brush and swirled on some dots to add a cute detail to the face! We added them above and below the browns, and on the cheekbones.

All that's left is the nose! We opted to use a black pencil liner so we could outline it easier and with more control. Gel liner might stain your skin so be careful! Carefully draw a line on the tip of your nose and bring it down on both slides, filling it in last. 

And voila! A Darling Deer ready for any Halloween festivities you might be getting into! 

The Costume

There's nothing worse than buying costume pieces and never wearing them again. For this look, you can wear this dress more than once! It doubles as a costume piece and a date night look! We paired this taupe suede dress with some nude heels (or these or these!) and some DIY antlers to complete the look! Wanna see how we made these cute antlers? It took like 10 minutes and they are totally cute! I'll leave the video down below! 

Needing some help with the makeup? We taped the whole process for your viewing pleasure! Watch through until the end to collect some makeup tips!

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Piper Shae