Your New Spring Look Based On Your February Horoscope 

Spring is almost here babes! It’s the beginning of the month and you know what that means- new horoscopes! The first month might be known for pursuing new goals and ideas, but February is all about showing our love and building our relationships with others! From Valentine's Day to even Galentine's Day, the celebrating never stops! Making sure you get some time for yourself is so important, so what better way to get a head start than to find out what new Spring Shop Priceless outfit best matches your sign? Scroll and read on to find out what the stars have in mind for you! 


All of your hard work and efforts are going to pay off in a BIG way this month, so don’t give up now! Whatever you think looks like an obstacle, please know that it is not half as bad as it seems. You’ve got more to offer than you think, and you are a resilient one, Aquarius. Your sense of pride, fulfillment and celebration will help you as you complete this daunting task or project this month. And guess what? Your hard work will be well worthwhile. Keep going and keep pushing on to the end!

Cozy...but make it fashion! Just because you want to be comfy Aquarius, that doesn't mean you can't still stand out! Try experimenting with mixing fabrics and colors with our Hide and Seek Rust Cardigan Top paired with a delicate addition, like our Sofia Black Lace Bralette. This month, use your personal style to soak up the much-deserved attention, Aquarius!



This month is your power month, Pisces. You are working on focusing and perfecting your most important ambitions and priorities, and setting the right intentions. You are making your dreams happen! Continue to take charge, lead the way, set the agenda, make the plans- it kinda suits you! You are realizing that you can manifest what’s in your imagination and wildest dreams! You’ve got the creativity AND the practicality to change your life in a real-life magical way. 

The perfect outfit for a cute picnic date, Pisces! Our Manda White Button Off The Shoulder Crop Top is so so cozy, and pairs perfectly with our Unwind Blue Striped Tie Shorts! Just add flowers and snacks for the perfect picnic! 




You can literally make magic happen this month, Aries! Pick a daunting new project, work at a promotion, focus on a love interest. Anything is possible and it all comes from your own imagination and hard work- you are in control of your destiny this month, Aries. Make sure you head in the direction of something you truly want. Don’t waste this powerful energy! 
Aries, we know red is your power color but try something just as flattering this month! Flowy floral dresses are sooo trendy right now, like this Fresh Air Floral Sun Dress! Style with some neutral platform sandals like these Weekend Platform Sandals for the ultimate spring-babe look! 




Taurus! Take some time off being so hard-working, and enjoy indulging in something this month, whether that's a new project or a fun weekend getaway! Sometimes you can be so serious and intent on work that you miss out on all the fun and rewards you deserve. Have a Valentine’s Month, not just one day! Treats, trips, spas, shopping, fine dining… schedule all your favorite things in. What even is all you're working so hard for, if not to slow down to enjoy the best things in life sometimes?

Taurus, we know you're all about comfort AND style so we have your new go-to running errands look! Our Krista Black Bodysuit is maximum comfy, but still so cute styled with our Don't Sweat It Oatmeal Joggers. Add something special to your look with our Sofia Black Lace Bralette



Gemini, try to make sure you get some real quality time to yourself this month. Your true nature is one that thrives on intense thought, creativity, and emotion. Without enough time alone in a space that’s tailored comfortably just for you, you may begin to feel super worn out. Such things as irritability or withdrawal can be strong indicators that it's def time you were alone with yourself. Make some major relax plans, and indulge in spending time loving yourself! 

 Time for an outfit that's just as indecisive as you are, Gemini! This look will take you from running errands with the Wildflower Medium Wash High Waisted Distressed Shorts and Groove With Me Black Cut-Out Pointed-Toe Booties to a relax night-in with the Alana Oatmeal Oversize Knit Sweater. You'll be ready to take on whatever is coming your way. Time to celebrate you, babe! 



This month may be a good time for you to spend some time creating, Cancer.  The joy of creating something is immeasurable, and the process of producing a finished product can be so therapeutic! Crafts, baking, exercising, and gardening are all the perfect activities to take some stress out with! Maybe even get dressed up and take yourself on a date! Take time to express yourself through your favorite hobbies this month! 

Get yourself dressed up and treat yourself all day long, Cancer! The Kayla Green Layered Skater Dress is the perfect spring addition that transitions just as easily from brunch with the girls to date night with your favorite person. Just add the Besos White High Heels for a flirty addition! 



Leo! Dial up the random acts of kindness and spontaneous outings or treats. Freeing up some time and energy will simply leave more room to live in the NOW, and take advantage of what’s right under your nose. A new beginning in an important area of your life, which is overdue for change, will also arise this month. Grab it with both hands, and make some healthy changes to make YOU happier! You've got this, lioness. 

 Make a statement this month with the hottest new trend: pleated skirts! Try out the trend with the Devious Black Pleated Skirt styled with something neutral, like the Signature Khaki Ribbed Turtleneck. Add something a little extra (just like you!), like the Sofia Black Lace Bralette

Come on out and greet the world, Virgo! You've been feeling down a lot recently, and deserve to have a few days of self indulgement this month! Whether that means spending a day cleaning up your space, or cutting ties with an unfulfilling task! Enough’s enough. You deserve better and will be served better when you withdraw your energy from this dead-end situation. 

 Virgo, we know you have a deep love for getting dressed up and looking your best! Channel two major spring power colors this month with our Louise Dress and our favorite Cece Natural Vegan Suede Heels.



Libra, spending some time this month getting organized will help you tremendously feel less stressed! You may find that getting organized helps you to be more productive, so make lists and timetables, use strategies that can help you stay on track, and you’ll find that your concentration is enhanced and you won’t miss a thing! Dream a beautiful dream, and invest your energy into making it a reality in your life- the stars are with you! It’s all possible! 
Libra, we know you love both statement pieces and your go-to everyday basics. This month, wear a bit of each! Pair our Nora White Ribbed Turtleneck with our Too Easy Drawstring Jeans. We love it paired with our Sofia Black Lace Bralette and Go Wild Leopard Print Booties
Scorpio babe, you’ve been biting your tongue and taking on too much responsibility with a situation that actually isn’t 100% on you alone. It’s time to speak your truth and get this all off your chest. Bottling it up is only going to lead to a more damaging conversation down the line, so unburden yourself this month. This honest dialogue is important, and it doesn’t have to be combative or awkward. Make sure you listen as much as you speak but make sure you get to say what it is you’ve been holding back. You've got this! 

Scorpio! You're one of the most mysterious signs in the zodiac, and you take this quality into your style. Scorpios have an uncanny knack for being both put-together 24/7 yet still casual (how do you do it?!). The perfect example of this is our Nora Black Ribbed Turtleneck styled with our Here And There Distressed Skinny Jeans, and a bit of drama with our Go Wild Leopard Pointed-Toe Booties



You are going to be providing a shoulder to cry on for someone important in your life this month, Sag. You love putting a smile on other people’s faces, but this time you need to be the listener and let them unload their emotions. You are such a great person to confide in because you’re naturally warm, smart and philosophical. You can help them see the bigger picture, put this situation in context, and sprinkle in some hope for the future too. Spend some quality time with them, maybe a bunch date or a shopping day. You've got this! 

Sag, you are a complete goofball with an enviable sense of humor- and this translates to your style as well! This month, try adding in brave (and bolder) silhouettes and statement accessories, like our Make A Wish Red Button Top and Iggy Medium Wash Distressed Skinny Jeans, paired with our Weekend Platform Sandals and Out West Woven Crossbody


Capricorn, you’ll be very relieved to hear that a long-running, annoying situation is going to radically and positively change this month! Thank the stars! But, Cap, remember that change is not something you can always be in control of! You just gotta go with the flow (we know you hate that). Expect the unexpected, don’t stress, and seize the opportunities as they emerge. All in all, this IS a good thing!

In the new year, update tried and true basics with a little twist- like the Florentine Blush Paperbag Pants! Style these with the Bambi White Crop Top for some extra cozy comfort, and dress up your look with the Cece Natural Vegan Suede Heels