Most Instagram-able Spring Break Ideas

Hey babes, spring break is finally coming up which means a much-needed chance for you to have some time to recover from stressful days. We get that it's hard to give yourself time to relax, but a spontaneous trip with your friends is always a much-needed way to reset. If you're in need of a handful of activities that won't break the bank or you're down to spend some money as long as it means you can go on an Instagram-worthy adventure, we found something for you. There can be more to spring break than endless trips to Cabo, and we're here to give you some major ideas for a trip out of the ordinary! Between museum-hopping, wine-tasting in Malibu, road trips, at-home spa sessions, and movie marathons in the desert, there's no way you'll be bored this spring break.

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1. Road Trip 

If you're heading to the beach (like every other college student in America), change it up this year and do something unexpected! Make an amazing playlist, pile into one car with all your besties, take a scenic route, and plan to stop along the way to see some sites and take just the right insta photos. Just puh-lease get your oil checked before you hit the road.

2. Picnic in a Local Park

Seriously, when was the last time you spent a day at a park?! Even at the start of the spring season, they can be pretty picture-perfect. Put together a picnic, grab your polaroid camera and a blanket, and head on over. The beauty of this option is that it's pretty much free, especially if you go through the back of your pantry for some last min picnic supplies. We suggest adding some strawberries, oranges, cheese of all kinds, crackers, and sparking water or wine of your choice (but we highly recommend mimosas!). 


3. Camp In Joshua Tree

If you're already on your way to the beach, consider stopping to spend a weekend in Joshua Tree! Among all the amazing national parks in California, Joshua Tree is one of the most otherworldly. Along with camping supplies, bring some extra blankets, pillows, string lights, and a projector for the most Instagram-worthy picture-perfect movie night ever! 

4. Beach Bike Ride

In the wise words of Elle Woods, exercise gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy! Instead of laying on the beach all day long, turn your sun-filled beach day up a notch by going for a bike ride! There are almost always cheap bike rentals at beaches all along the West Coast, and make sight-seeing so much easier- plus you get a workout in! Rent a bike in Venice, ride up to Santa Monica, drop off your bike and head to dinner! Your insta feed will thank you. 

5. Plan a Museum Hopping Day

If you want to feel like a more cultured and sophisticated version of yourself, visit a local museum in your city! At most galleries, the admission cost is a suggested donation so you have the option to pay whatever amount you can. Whether you're keeping it low-key in your own town or traveling to a new city, luckily there are great museums all across the world! To mix up what you're seeing, add an art museum, a natural history museum, and a science museum to your itinerary. Side note: museums make for excellent date spots, just sayin! 

6. Malibu Wine Safari

You're probably saying "duh" to a winery trip, but this safari-like winery is the perfect new elevated adventure that's so insta-worthy! This wine safari will take you on an adventure around a 1,000-acre vineyard and ranch in Malibu on a safari truck, all while getting to sip on some wine and look at exotic animals, like giraffes and zebras- what more could you ask for?! They also offer a "garden dinner" for 8 guests, which is perfect for inviting all your girls to the perfect spring break trip ever.


8. Spa Sesh... At Home

Spring break is allllll about treating yourself, but if you're not working with a huge budget to travel, that's totally okay too! Nothing says relaxation like a bath, especially since they're so easy to indulge in at home! To enhance your major relax sesh, use flower petals, coconut oil or a drop or two of your favorite essential oils. For added effect, decorate the room with your choice of flowers and candlelight, and def put on a face mask. Now just sit back, breathe, and let the warmth of the water wash away any extra stress.