Hey lovelies! We've had a lot of questions lately about our new Your Way Wrap Choker Set we posted on Instagram. There seemed to be some confusion as to what it was and many thought it looked similar to a shoelace. Let me just start off by saying that this choker is far superior to your average shoelace! (And if you do have shoelaces like this, then it must belong to one bougie shoe!) So, in an effort to dispel any further notions that this suede and gold tipped choker is in any relation to the thing you use to tie your shoes, I got creative. I came up with 10 additional ways to style it, other than the one shown on Instagram! Talk about an accessory working seriously overtime! What's not to love about such a versatile and incredibly affordable piece? Go check out the how-to video below to see what this baby can do!


 Choker | Dress | Booties

1. Double headband

2. Bow Headband

3. Ponytail Wrap

4. Choker + Lariat

5. Looped Bow

6. Wrapped Knot Choker

7. Wrapped Bracelet

8. Bow Belt - Front

9. Bow Belt - Back

10. Double Wrap Belt

Which way was your favorite? Do you have any other ingenious ways we could wear it? Let me know in the comments! And make sure to subscribe to our channel to see more videos!


Justine Searle