The rise of the bodysuit of 2016 has been a swift one. The first time it landed on my desk here at Shop Priceless, I was a tad confused. You see, it had been some time since I'd seen such a garment, and one that wasn't strictly for working out for that matter. I was afraid it would remind me of its unforgiving cousin, the leotard. However, once I tried it on, I was completely sold! So, it's really no surprise why it's gained traction so quickly, because it's ultra flattering! And, with the option of high-waisted just about everything these days, it's only fitting the bodysuit would fall into... suit. Plus, all of our bodysuits are 20% off with the code: BODY20! But hurry, it ends tonight (8/24) at midnight! So go shop our Bodysuit Collection and say buh bye to awkward bunches and hello to smooth lines! Scroll down to see our top 8 (MySpace anyone?) favorite bodysuits of the moment!

Bodysuit | Shorts | Sunglasses | Sneakers

Bodysuit | Necklace | Shorts | SunglassesGladiators

Jacket | BodysuitSunglasses | Shorts | Bracelets | Sneakers 

Bodysuit | Sunglasses | Jeans

Hat | Bodysuit | Choker | Bralette | Bracelet | Jeans

Jacket | Bodysuit | Sunglasses | Bracelet | Shorts | Booties

Bodysuit | Choker | Sunglasses | Jeans | Sandals

Hat | Choker | Bodysuit | Sunglasses | Cuff | ShortsHeels

Are you a fan of bodysuits? If so, which style above is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! 


Alex Petropulos