How To Crush Your 2020 Fitness Goals

Hey Priceless babes! 2020 is here, and we're ready for an updated fitness routine! Just because you want to get in shape, doesn't mean you can't have fun with it! We made a list of the easiest ways to accomplish your fitness goals, and enjoy it too! 
Here are some tips on how to have fun while working out! 

1. Make a plan and keep it- When it comes to setting a fitness goal, we've all been guilty of making too many plans at once and not being able to keep them all. This year, try making small attainable goals and keep going from there. Maybe you want to hit the gym every day, or just make it to cycling 3 times a week. Trying to take on too much at once is essentially just setting yourself up for disappointment. Instead, pick one thing you want to crush and focus your efforts on achieving that before going after another goal.


2. Work out with a purpose- What are you working towards? Making attainable, specific goals over time will greatly increase your chance of completing it! A measurable and timely goal will help you be able to track your progress. A great way to remember this is through the SMART method, which helps you make sure your goal is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.
3. Find a workout buddy- Working out by yourself can get boring, so why not make it a social event? Friends can hold each other accountable and make sure you reach your fitness goals! And if you're a bit competitive, working out with a friend can make you push yourself even harder. 

4. Find a fun workout- There's no reason why exercise has to be boring! Working out can be a fun experience if you find the right routine that works for you and is something you already enjoy doing! Try a dance class if you're going for a more cardio-based workout, or for a more intense workout lookout for any outdoor boot camps! 

5. Reward yourself- You're working hard and staying true to your fitness goals- why not treat yourself? Whether that's a new pair of shoes (may we suggest our Saints Knee High Block Heel Boots?) or a slice of cheesecake, go for it girl! You deserve it! 


What better way to start your 2020 fitness journey than with a new outfit? Good news babe, here are our favorite picks for working out AND looking cute this year! 

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      Whether you're an avid fitness junkie, or just starting to get into the habit of staying active, here's a list of songs that you can add to your playlist to keep you going throughout the year!

      1. "High Horse" by Kacey Musgraves

       2. "Disparate Youth" by Santigold 

       3. "You Were Right" by Rufus Du Sol

      4. "Green Light" -Lorde

       5. "Dopamine" by Borns