Your 1st Look Of The Decade Based On Your January Horoscope 

2020 is here babes!  It’s the first of the month and you know what that means- new horoscopes! The new year is a time for all new beginnings, and there’s nothing like a whole new decade to really wipe the slate clean. The first month might be known for pursuing fitness and health resolutions but it's also a reflective and social time that often turns our focus to building our relationships with others! Since the new decade has arrived, what better way to get a head start than to find out what Shop Priceless outfit best matches your sign? Scroll and read on to find out what the stars have in mind for you! 

Hey Capricorn babe! You are destined to do important things, and now is the time to make it work. You come to value what you have in a new light during 2020, and that all starts this month! The most important relationships in your life will continue to grow and strengthen, and you start to build new friendships with people who will become very important in your life. You deserve to have it all, Capricorn. 

Capricorn, we know you are all about cozy comfort—which makes sense since your sign is rockin’ out in the depths of winter. In the new year, update tried and true basics with a little twist. Our Little By Little Ivory Bubble Knit Cardigan is so soft, and pairs perfectly with our Aleyna Blush Bodysuit!



Hold on tight, Aquarius! This is the kind of year you will look back on as a major turning point. You are becoming what you were destined to be, so dream big, aim high, and make it as big as your imagination can go because the Universe is backing you 100%. Now is the time to go for your greatest ambition and guess what? You can do it, babe! 

Cozy...but make it fashion! Just because you want to be comfy Aquarius, that doesn't mean you can't still stand out! Try experimenting with bold prints and colors with our Warm Wishes Tan Coat paired with a soft tee, like our In The Middle Heather Grey Tee. This month, use your personal style to soak up the much-deserved attention. Shine on, Aquarius!



It's 2020 Pisces babe, are you ready?  This is the start of an amazing new chapter with lots of success, so set out to be led by your greatest strengths, not your worst fears.  Something that feels authentic, inspiring and joyful is going to be your passion this next month. Pisces, this year can change everything! 

The perfect outfit to cuddle up to someone you love, Pisces! Our Cecilia Blush Knit Sweater is so so cozy, and pairs perfectly with our Georgette Blush Plaid Blanket Scarf



Get ready for some big changes, Aries! This is your year of transformation, you can travel far and it all starts now. A master plan (your fave thing, especially if it involves world domination… and maybe it does) is taking shape and it’s a multi-stage journey with a great destination- this is what 2020 is all about. The key is enjoying the relationships you have and making wonderful memories with those you love. Focus on fun with a capital F! Go impress them, it’s your time to shine, babe.

"Aries Red" is a thing and we're here for it! Our High Energy Rust Sock Boot reflects your bright future and ability to look fabulous while taking charge. Top your look off with our super soft Baby It's Cold Ivory Plush Coat.



You might not believe us, Taurus, but you’re ready for even more than you currently believe.  A new job, relationship, home or location are all possible in the near future! Don't worry, these are all good changes.  You are more than deserving of these changes if you believe in yourself and have faith in your new adventures. This year brings an important turning point for you! 

Taurus, we know you're all about comfort AND style so we have your new go-to look! Our Sleepy Sunday Blush Oversized Sweater is maximum comfy, but still so cute styled with our Day By Day Boots. 




This is your time, Gemini babe!  You’re building on your successes in 2020, and maybe even venturing into brand new projects that will blossom throughout the year.  Nothing happens overnight but if you put in the hard work you always do, you are limitless! You have all the power in the world to guide your destiny. Don’t let fear hold you back. Be brave!

  Time for an outfit that's just as indecisive as you are, Gemini! This look will take you from running errands with the Holland Blue Colorblock Oversize Knit Sweater to a date night out with the Flawless Black Lace Mesh Bodysuit. You'll be ready to take on whatever is coming your way. Time to celebrate you, babe! 




Cancer babe! This is your year to make some positive choices, identify the things you want to change and setting goals to make them happen. This year is all about transforming  areas you have outgrown, leave behind negative influences, and find new opportunities. This month, take some time to recluse into your shell and figure out how to take your passions even further this year. Maybe consider taking a hot bath, writing in a journal, or turning off your alarm so you can catch up on some much-needed sleep. New opportunities and growth are endless, Cancer!

Get ready to snuggle up in the Cecilia Ivory Knit Sweater, Cancer! This is the perfect casual "running errands" look, that transitions just as easily to cuddling up on the couch with your favorite person. 




Shoot for the stars this month, Leo (as if you’d do anything else). This is your year, and you can achieve your heart’s desire if you really put your back into it. Think carefully about what you want to accomplish this year, and set attainable goals for yourself. This kind of energy doesn’t roll around THAT often, so take advantage of it. Take charge this month Leo, and absolutely own it. If you can dream it, you can do it! 


You're a boss babe on the inside, so why not show it on the outside?! Feel powerful and in charge of the Nadine Black Blazer Set. This timeless set is perfect for any occasion, especially conquering the world in.

You really do deserve the best Virgo babe, and this month is no different! If you've been feeling that creative fog, worry no more! This month may be the breakthrough you've been waiting for.  Embrace this creative burst by rearranging a room, or even completely decorating a new area of your house. Decluttering, reorganizing, and perfecting your already flawless time-management strategies are key this month! Go get em' Virgo! 

 Virgo, we know you have a deep love of the classics and gravitate toward more tailored silhouettes. Channel two power colors this month with our Cozy Cable Oversize Cardigan and our favorite Follow Me Taupe Over The Knee Boots.




You are a natural peacemaker, Libra and it's time to focus on yourself and internal peace. This month will be full of tackling obstacles that you’ll have to overcome on your own, but there’s nothing that you can’t tackle!  You've worked hard to make sure it feels like you know who you are, what you want, and where you’re going. It feels GOOD, but take that same feeling and apply it to your career!  Have you been considering making a major change to your work path? You could find clarity on how to create a more efficient schedule this month! 
Libra, we know you are never afraid to go to the dark(er) side of their closet. Greys, blacks, and navys are staples in your wardrobe but maybe try rocking olive with our Soul Mates Olive Turtleneck. We love it paired with our Cordelia Tan Corduroy Skirt and Aria Black Over The Knee Boots.
Scorpio!  You are  diving headfirst into the new decade, making big moves and big decisions. Be straightforward with your desires, and watch how the universe rewards you for your honesty and clarity. Also, maybe  consider how learning a new skill-set could get you further faster in your chosen field. Have fun this month, but don't overwork yourself. You deserve a good relax, face mask night. And remember Scorpio babe, you can channel your energy wherever—and whenever—you’d like.

Scorpio, you’re a creature of habit when it comes to getting dressed so maybe try something different this month (while staying true to your dark side). Don’t be afraid to add in a splash of something mysterious (just like you) into your closet, like our Soul Mates Black Turtleneck and Midnight Love Metallic Mini Slit Skirt.


2020 is here and you are absolutely thriving this year, babe! Whether you’re discussing a raise with your boss or investing more resources in your side hustle, remember that you alone define your worth (and you're worth a lot). You’re going to learn a lot about yourself this year, and month especially. Find a way to use this new-found wisdom by analyzing different aspects of your passions in order to progress in life. You will soon discover levels of love, courage, and confidence that you didn’t know you ever had! 

Sagittarius, you feel your best in something that reflects your fun personality and witty sense of humor. Take things up a notch in our Soul Mates Black Turtleneck and the cutest Get A Clue Red Plaid Skort.