A fresh month bring refreshment & a new horoscope! Wanting to make some big decisions, but not sure if its the right time? Curious about your social scene for the following weeks? Dying to know what this month has in store for you? We've got the scoop for July, & some adorable summer outfit inspiration for every sign! What's in the stars for you?

- Piper Shae 💋


This month will be successful in your work space. Your co-workers will be looking to be helpful & kind during this time, offering you their resources. Your presence will also be sought by a love interest. Don't get caught up with high expectations, just let things happen!


Feeling less creative & innovative than usual? This will all change in July. Now is the time to get inspired & reach out to friends to help you complete your wildest ideas. Don't be afraid to ask for help, your ideas are amazing & friends will be dying to help you!


This is a month of learning & openness for you Aries. You may be feeling pressured to take a side on an argument or disagreement, but staying out of it at the moment is in your best interest. Be open to new people & new energy, as it will prove to be refreshing for you.


Family has been wanting to spend more time with you, & this month is the time to feed into that. People are drawn to your calmness & will enjoy your presence. Conflicts may arise, but welcome them as a chance to grow & learn.


Be careful with your money this month. You are in need of a lot of things, & if you ask for them, they will come to you. It's time to reevaluate how you communicate with others & how they perceive you as well.


This is your month Cancer! Celebrate with friends, as they are seeking your attention. Don't expect the normal affections, friends are looking to be more generous than usual! Soak it all up!



You may be wanting to kick back & relax more this month, & we agree! You can make plans & stay busy, but make sure to reserve time for yourself as well. It's important to keep that time for yourself to be more in tune with you.


The social scene is looking good for you this month! Big plans may be coming up, so do your best to attend! It will be fun & your friends will miss you if you miss out. Also take some time to finish up some projects you may have been putting off, as now is the time to complete them.



Romance is in bloom for you this month! A new love may become more pronounced, or you may find a way to rekindle a current relationship. Be sure to keep a level head & be on the lookout for new opportunities, & weigh your options before making a decision.



People look to you & remember what you say & do, so be careful about what you say & to who. Be an example for others. A career issue may arise, but stick to what you know & be secure in that.


Your goodwill & kindness isn't going unnoticed. These good acts will bring you respect & love from those benefitting from you. You'll feel more enthusiasm this month for projects, so use this to your advantage in getting things done.


Some unexpected attention is heading your way this month. You may be able to avoid romantic advances, but you'll want the extra attention that comes with it. People will come to you with their questions, & be secure in knowing that you have all the answers. 

Piper Shae