Learning more about our #PricelessBabes is our favorite way to start off the week! This week, we wanted to share more about someone who has been lighting up our IG feed recently, Erin Alvey! This It Girl has totally stolen our hearts. Read on for our exclusive interview, and follow along with her journey on Instagram, @erinalvey! 💋
Thanks for talking with us Erin! What is a hidden talent of yours?
I wouldn't say it's necessarily "hidden" because I've posted about it recently, but I'd say a unique talent is that I ride a 6ft unicycle! I've been riding unicycles since I was a little girl, and in elementary school when the teachers would ask us "what we wanted to do when we grew up", I'd always write "be in the French circus" whilst the ~normal, less embarrassing~ children would write: "be a doctor" or "be the President of the United States"... my poor parents were mortified I'm sure haha!
We are huge fans of your music! Where was your favorite place you have performed?
Thank you, loves! I appreciate that ❤️ I swear every single time I get on stage these days I tell the crowd they were my all time favorite, and I'm not ever kidding- I fall in love over and over again with every city we tour! I would say the crowd makes or breaks any performance and so far headlining the "Sebring Races" last year brought in the most wild crowd I've ever played for- so Sebring, FL is definitely amongst the very top. 
Where do you hope to perform in the future?
I really want to tour Asia with my band, and it's in the works as we speak so fingers crossed! I love it over there and would love to play some music there!
What are your closet staples this summer?
I shall make you a list ;) 
- Sundresses
- Crop-tops (band tee crops are a personal fav)
- A good ole pair of denim shorts
- Ripped jeans (high waisted)
- Wedge sneakers
- Fun accessories -i.e. hats, cuffs, statement pieces, sunglasses
....the list goes on!
Who's on your Spotify playlists at the moment?
I go through stages where I listen to the same like 5 songs on repeat...I'm a nightmare on road trips!!!
Right now those 5 are:
"Never Not"- Lauv
"Born To Be Yours"- Kygo, Imagine Dragons
"Nothing Really Matters" Mr. Probz
"Mine"- Bazzi
"Your Love"- The Outfield *This is my all-time favorite song so it's ALWAYS on the list, nothing gets me more hyped!*
If you could eat one thing & not gain weight from it, what would it be?
You have some time to relax while you're on the road, what are you most likely doing?
While I'm on the road I just try to get as much sleep as I can, when I can. When I'm waiting to go on stage or something I'm usually FaceTiming, talking to someone I love before I go on always energizes me and gets me even more excited to go on the stage. My band members are also like my best friends, so they're usually joking around and making fun of me in some way or another- we have a lot of fun!
Holy grail beauty tip?
Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! A good skin prep makes the world of difference for your make-up!
What is your ideal date night?
Whereeeeee doooo iiiii beginnnnnnn 😉 JK, JK!
I'm actually a super big homebody... so I'd say going out with my guy to do something active (i.e. play racquetball, I'm so lame haha) then grabbing take-out and going back to get in hoodies and hang out at home would be perfect. I love a challenge, so mini competitions at home are usually when I'm having the most fun- basically If I don't feel like I'm having the time of my life doing absolutely nothing with him, then he ain't my man  😉
What do you miss most about home while you're on the road?
Besides my family and my dog, I always really miss being tucked away in south Georgia on the farm or at the beach. I love, love, love touring and the cities, and the people, and the stages/lights, but nothing beats the simplicity of south Georgia, in my opinion.  
Who is your celebrity crush?
Otto from Rocket Power
Who is your inspiration?
As cliche as it sounds, I'd say my parents as a unit are my inspiration. They worked so hard and created a fairytale life for my siblings and I, as well as showed us that fairytale love also exists. I have to thank the Lord every day for placing me with them, they're next level inspirational.
Thanks so much Erin! We ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ you!
Piper Shae