So let's get one thing straight: Blake Lively is a babe. I know, I know, I already relentlessly gushed about her in this post. She was clearly the apple of everyone's eye at the Met Gala! But I just can't help it, she's my ultimate girl crush! Her style is so effortless and classic, but with a colorful flair that pays homage to her California roots. I love how she emulates confidence in whatever she wears. Whether it be a glamorous dress and sky-high pumps or a casual tee, leggings and boots; the girl can WERK! Or... should I say woman, since she is now a mother of two (!) and married to the sexiest man alive, Ryan Reynolds. No really, People Magazine dubbed him 2010's "Sexiest Man Alive" and the current reigning champ of the 2016 "Sexiest Dad Alive" title! Yep, Blake Lively is #GOALS. So, it's no wonder why we would want to emulate her appearance! Check out these four looks we copied for a regular gal on a budget to replicate below!


First Look:

Hat | Dress | Boots


Second Look:

Blazer | Top | Shorts | Tights | Boots


Third Look:

Jacket | Top | Scarf | Leggings | Boots


Fourth Look:

Beanie | Sweater | Leggings | Purse | Pumps


Of the four looks above, which was your favorite? Let me know in the comments! And have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Justine Searle