I saw this meme back in October and thought, "Wow, has there ever been a truer statement?"

But really though, time flies during the holidays! It feels as though the moment Halloween is over, it's basically Thanksgiving which means Christmas and New Years! Phew, what a whirlwind! So, an effort to not let this Christmas creep up on us and catch us unawares and unprepared, I've made a top 10 list of items that are small enough to fit in a stocking (stocking stuffers!) or just to dole out as cute little gifts to friends or family if you're trying to stay within budget! Bonus! All items are UNDER $10, and can be found on Shop Priceless!

1. Put It Back Luggage Tag - $9.97

2. Perfection Pear Beauty Sponge - $3.97

3. Head West Choker Set - $8.97

4. NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick - Chaos - $5.97

5. Addy Fur Ball Keychain - Blush - $9.97

6. Ellie Thigh High Socks - Burgundy - $7.97

7. LA Beanie - White - $3.99

8. Woodland Fringe Infinity Scarf - $5.99

9. Misty Lace Bralette - White - $9.97

10. One More Leggings - Navy - $9.97


When do you start getting prepared for Christmas? Let me know in the comments! And happy shopping!


Justine Searle