The season of giving is here! Abundance, gratitude and appreciation are all words that come to mind when I think of Thanksgiving. Also, I can't forget to mention the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! Who else tunes in to watch the enormous floats, balloons and performers make their way though Manhattan? It's their 90th anniversary this year, so if you haven't watched before, this is the year to do so! Overall, though, November is an ideal month for feeling the positive vibes. This is probably due in part to the amount of thanks and gratefulness we're putting back out there. Positive energy is everything! So, if you're in the mood for something good, check out your monthly horoscope from Heather Rose!

Also, can someone please explain why wearing sweatpants à la Chandler from "Friends" isn't kosher already?

You're feeling slightly under pressure this month, Aquarius. But even if you feel as though this month is a constant stream of work and stress, you're grateful for your career. It helps keep a roof over your head and food on the table.

Aquarius Picks


One thing you feel thankful for this month, Pisces, is your perseverance. You know life may throw stuff your way, but you're always prepared to face your challenges head on. Your determination helps you tackle the more difficult situations in life.

Pisces Picks


Aries, you don't know what you would do without your close friends and family. They're the most important people in your life and you're always looking out for them. An opportunity will soon arise that will help you grow closer to them. Your loyalty will know no bounds after this welcome occasion.

Aries Picks


You've been through many difficult situations this past year, Taurus, but you haven't given up yet! Whether it was through the motion of your feet or the speed of your mind, you kept working hard and did your very best. Having such immense inner strength is something you don't take for granted. 

Taurus Picks


This past year has proved to be exceedingly generous, Gemini. No matter what type of abundance, it's been very plentiful. And your life will continue to be just as full as your plate on Thanksgiving. This is because you understand that while you may not be rich in money, being rich in happiness is what matters most.

Gemini Picks


You have at least one thing to be thankful for this year, Cancer. And it's your vast knowledge! Whether you're studying and learning new concepts or simply reading a light novel, you look forward to the challenge. You're grateful for the stimulation your mind achieves and how you can expand your horizons all in one.

Cancer Picks


Leo, you tend to have the habit of letting yourself get discouraged, especially when the going gets tough. That's why you can't help but be thankful for the friends that pick you up when you're down. A strong support system is vital to your outlook, and having people like these in your corner is a treasure beyond measure.

Leo Picks


Nothing has influenced you in life more, Virgo, than your siblings. They help keep you grounded and focus on what's most important in life. Whether or not your siblings are are your own flesh and blood doesn't matter. You can't imagine where you would be without them in your life.

Virgo Picks


You, Libra, are thankful for the endless experiences this world provides. There's so many different cultures, and you delight in learning everything you possibly can about them. Whether you're trekking around the world or just within your community, you keep your mind open to new experiences.

Libra Picks


You're a naturally hard-worker, but you understand the importance of taking the time to reflect and refocus on life. The opportunities to relax may be rare, but they do appear. During those moments, you can't help but look back at your life and appreciate everything that has happened, good or bad. No regrets for you, Scorpio.

Scorpio Picks


One thing that you're thankful for in your life, Sagittarius, is your tender relationship with animals. You seem to naturally connect with them on a deeper level, and the ones you have play such a meaningful part in your life. Your pet is a family member to you, and you're thankful for the spirit they bring.

Sagittarius Picks


One of the best things in this world, especially when you're down, Capricorn, is laughter. You're grateful to be able to take a break from the seriousness and be silly once in a while. Nothing turns your mood around quite like a sharing a laugh with your loved ones.

Capricorn Picks


We hope you enjoyed this month's reading! In the spirit of giving, what is one thing you are grateful for? Want to know what ours is? Our Shop Priceless customers! We couldn't do it all without you! Stay tuned for next month's horoscope!


Justine Searle