Anyone else feel like 2018 is going by in a FLASH & they can't do anything about it?! I mean, I'm not complaining, spring is my fav fashion season! This months outfit inspiration was inspired by all the fresh new trends for March! I'm talking florals, stripes, pastels, & funky sunnies! I'm sure you're all wondering what this month has in store for you so I won't keep you!

- Piper Shae 💋

This month should have some unexpected gains for you especially in the areas of your career life. If you happen to be traveling this month for work, you will come across some great fortunes that will definitely improve your life. Make sure to keep an eye out for all of the doors that will be opening for you in the near future.


If you have any adventures you are going on this month, Pisces, your luck will provide you with some rich experiences soon. The people you meet and the places that you go will be some of the best memories that you will have for the rest of your life. Make sure to really take in the sites and talk to as many people as you can to get the most out of your trip.

Luck doesn't seem to be on your side this month but that is actually for the better. You will experience a situation soon that will help you grow as a person. While you may see the situation negatively at first, you will soon grow to appreciate what has happened and what you learn from it.


You will have some mixed blessings this year so make sure to keep an eye out for them. Some months you may be very prosperous and lucky and other months may just seem to not be on your side. Whatever happens though, remember to keep your head held high and to be thankful for whatever comes your way.


The foundations that you have laid out for this year are working in your favor this month. Your strong basics in all areas of your life will show prosper soon and you be greatly rewarded. Keep doing what you are doing and you will succeed no matter what happens in your life.


You are going to be extremely lucky this month and all the other months to follow. Maybe you haven't had as much appreciation or opportunities as you would have liked but that will all be changing soon. Be ready to see the most important people in your life starting to realize how great you really are and they will start having confidence in your decisions.

Although you may not be feeling very lucky this year, have faith that it will turn out in your favor soon enough. Try to be more patient and reserved and you will see it working out in your favor. Massive changes won't happen overnight but they will eventually happen especially for you.


You're a strong person, Virgo and that will be tested this year. But during the month of March, you will be able to overcome almost all of your obstacles and turn everything around. You'll especially be lucky in terms of health so make sure to be appreciative of that.


When it comes to your career life, March will definitely be your lucky month, Libra. All your hard work and determination will pay off soon on your higher-ups will notice all the work that you have put in. Get ready for a promotion or something of equal stature coming your way in the following weeks.

Maybe you haven't been lucky in love but that is all soon about the change for the better. You will meet somebody but you never thought possible but they are going to be a positive influence on your life. Make sure to be welcoming of almost everyone you meet so that you can be ready when you cross paths with them.


You've been dealing with some crucial situations this year but it seems like you will discover some of the solutions to those problems. Keep calm and have a level head when discussing them with other especially the ones it involves. If you do so you will see your luck changing for the better.


You will feel much wiser this month and that is thanks to some lucky things you will discover. The discoveries will be very positive for you and will impact your life in a great way. Cherish the experiences that will come your way because you may not see them again for quite awhile.

Piper Shae