Fall, where you at?! I'm super ready to dive head first into sweater weather! Anyone else have near 100 degree temps? Oh well, I can't be bothered, catch me in sweaters and booties all week 💁 With the new month brings new opportunities, and I know you're dying to see what's in the stars for you! Hint - no matter your sign, it's going to be a good month 😘

You'll notice you feel like everything is falling into place and you're in control now more than ever. Embrace it! You've worked hard to make things the way they are, so enjoy the rewards of your efforts!


Things have seemed foggy lately, but this month you'll gain the clarity you've been looking for. This is a good time to make financial decisions, socials decisions, or trying something new in your love life!


This is a month to pamper yourself and indulge in things to better your health. Eating healthy, staying active, and doing things for your mental health will all become second nature to you!


Alone time is important, don't let needy people in your life infringe on time you have dedicated to yourself. It's not your job to entertain people in your life all the time, so enjoy some well deserved alone time.


Now is the time to explore your hobbies and entertainment options. You might be feeling like you're in a rut or stuck in the hum-drum of life. It's easy to spice up your day with a new hobby or maybe even a new TV show!


You've been working on your professional image, and you look better than ever! It's time to let loose and be playful with family and friends. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new with friends!


This is a time for change and reinvention! Money may not be coming in right away, but there are opportunities for you to make things happen! Jump in head first and see what changes this month will make for your whole year!


You always trust your mind over your heart, but this month is all about leading with the latter! Indulge in things that you've been neglecting that you enjoy!



You've mastered a new talent, and it's time to enjoy its benefits. Enjoy life this month! You've worked hard and had some struggles the past few months, things will be smooth sailing from here on out!


There's something you've been wanting to share with someone special, and now if the time to do it! People are receptive of your opinions and this one will be well received. 


People are looking to you to lead at the moment, in your social and professional circles. You've been working hard and you are feeling confident now in your abilities. Show off your hard work!


Now is time to open a new chapter and go after plans you've had for a long time! Enjoy time with loved ones and indulge in yourself and your time.

Piper Shae