Hey crafty DIY babes! Looking for a costume as creative and unique as you? We have a treat for you! This Deep Sea Mermaid look has tons of room for reinvention and creativity! Not to mention it's super easy, but looks like you put hours of time into it! Not a makeup wiz? Celebrity MUA Allison Pynn takes you step by step to achieve this chic Halloween look! 

The Makeup

Start by priming your face and eyes. Since we're doing shadow on the face with this look, it's okay to put your foundation and concealer on first! You can set that with some translucent powder before applying the shadow so your foundation doesn't move around while you're working on your eyes. 

After we finished setting our face, we went in with a fluffy tapered brush and put some aqua/blue colored shadow in our crease. You'll want to smoke that out with whatever green color you have on hand. You can also use purple or a darker blue here if you want a different look! 

Bring these colors down to your lower lash line to make your eyes pop! Once you've achieve the desired amount of shadow, line your lid with the same blue shadow we used in the beginning in the crease. This will be a good base for the small wing we'll do later on.

Now the fun begins! Take some fishnet tights and place them where you want scales. We did some on the forehead, jaw bone, neck, and chest. You'll want to tap in the same colors you use on your eyes, but in different areas overlapping a little to create some contrast. After you've got the desired level of shadow, go over random areas with a silver shimmer color to make them really pop! Make sure you're keeping the fishnets in a secure spot so they're not moving around on your face, as that would ruin the scaly look. Remove the fishnets quickly but carefully so the shadow doesn't smear!

Repeat the same steps on your jawbone, neck, and chest, making the scales randomized and shimmery!

After you've gotten your desired level of scales, you can move back to the eyes! We used a small liner brush to make a really small wing. Once that has dried, we applied singlet lashes to give this look a more natural and whispy look. Apply mascara to blend your natural lashes with your fake ones and use mascara on your bottom lashes too!

Almost done! We lined our models lips with blue shimmery eyeliner and brushed it inwards toward the center of her lips to give it an ombre effect. We then took our favorite nude gloss and put it over, giving her some color back into her face (too much blue lip can make you look frostbitten, and we don't want that!) Finish the look by filling in your brows! We also took some blue shadow and dusted it on top of our models brows to bring more blue to the look!

And that's it! The makeup is complete! Now onto our Ariel inspired curls!

The Hair

We took some blue clip in hair extensions and sprayed them with hairspray before curling them so they would hold a curl better. Place them underneath a thick layer of hair so your clips don't show! We curled the hair with our real hair to make the extensions blend in more! Make sure to hold the curls right after they come off the iron (careful, they get hot!) and let them cool in your hand so the curl holds better. Spray immediately after. And that's it! We parted our models har as far over as we could to get that Ariel look! Now let's move on to the stunning costume!

The Costume

We're so happy with how this look turned out! With some nautical accessories, like these starfish earrings and pearl stacked necklaces, everyone is sure to know what you are! We found this amazing open backed sequin dress and thought it was just perfect for this look! Pair it with some silver or gold heels to complete the shimmery mermaid look! We DIY'd these cute starfish earrings, if you wanna see how then watch the video below!


Need more help achieving this look? We had Allison Pynn walk us through step by step in this video below!

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Piper Shae