Costumes that are quick and easy are our favorite, and we know you love them too! This trendy Coachella Girl look is perfect for Halloween, and can be reused when festival season rolls around! Celebrity MUA Allison Pynn really knocked it out of the park with this one! Want this stellar and on trend look? Read on for step by step tips on getting this perfect look! 🌟

The Makeup

This look involves a lot of eyeshadow fall out, so you might want to prime under your eyes with some loose translucent powder so the excess sweeps away easier! We don't want this purple and pink shadow look to stain your cheeks! We took a dusty pink shadow and brushed it into the crease with a fluffy brush. You'll want to bring that down under your lower lashes as well to smoke out the look! 

We then took a purple color and applied that to the lid with a dense powder brush to reduce fallout. We then covered it with a darker purple shimmer shadow to bring some contrast and light to the eyes. Bring the down under your lower lashes as well, but use a light hand and build on it so it's not too dark! 

Moving on to the inner corner, we took a iridescent ivory shimmer shadow to bring more light to the eyes and make them look more open and awake! I know with dark shadow I always look tired and my eyes droop a little so we want to avoid that! We then took this cute hot pink shimmer liner and swiped it under the lower lashes to bring more pink back into the look! Tightline your eyes on your upper and lower lashes with black gel liner, apply your falsies, and blend with mascara and the eyes are mostly done!

You'll want to sweep off any excess shadow before you move on. We then applied our normal foundation and concealer before bringing on the next step. You'll want to set with translucent powder so the shadow around your eyes doesn't move around too much! Highlight your cheekbones if you want some more glow! We then took some cute little stars we found at the craft store and glued them down with skin friendly lash glue! This makes de-slicking your face later a breeze! We put them under the eyes, above the eyebrows, and to the temples to create a crescent shape! Spray with some make-up setting spray and you're done with the makeup! Let move on to the hair, shall we?

The Hair

We wanted to keep this hair fresh and easy! We took a 3/4 inch curling iron and curled all of our models hair away from her face. You'll want to part your hair down the middle as well before we place the head chain! We took a simple gold necklace and pinned it down on our models head so it would droop down on her forehead like a real head chain! If you have one, feel free to use it! Make sure you spray those curls before you're done!

This look turned out super dreamy and vibey, ready for festival season!

The Costume

We understand sometimes costumes can be uncomfortable and a pain to maintain! Well, not this look! We picked our comfy Mandy Knit Crop Top and Skirt for this comfy and super trendy festival girl look! Throw on some nude lace up gladiators to complete the look and you're ready to go! We also applied a couple flash tattoos, which you can get here! Just peel off the plastic film, apply the tattoo on the desire area, and soak with a damp washcloth or paper towel, waiting 2-3 minutes before removing the white film! Perfect flash tattoos in a snap!

And the look is complete! Recreating this look for yourself? Make sure you tag us @shoppriceless and use #PricelessHalloween so we can see! We can't wait to see how these turn out for you babes!

Want to see exactly how Allison Pynn achieved this look? Lucky for you we taped the whole thing and added some pro tips from Allison herself! 

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Piper Shae