When you think of Halloween, you think fall nights, bonfires, hayrides, carving pumpkins, and black cats! This Halloween staple has been done year after year, but it's always an in demand costume! Whether you're going in a pair that requires one to be a cat, or you just like the simplicity of it, we're excited to bring you our take on this classic costume! Celebrity MUA Allison Pynn rocked our worlds with this modern twist, and we can't wait to share!

The Makeup

To get that sexy, sultry look, you'll want to prime your eyes for the smokey eye you're wanting! We started with a brown/taupe transition shade in the crease as a base. We dragged it over to the inner corner a little heavier than normal, and put some underneath the lash line as well. We then took a darker brown shade and make a 'V' shape on the outer corner. We'll be putting down a pretty large wing so this will help you with where to place it!

Next, we'll start with some black shadow and an angled shadow brush and start outlining the wing. Start with your upper lash line and slowly extend it from there. You can always add more, but it's hard to take away too much! Once you've gotten your desired level of cat eye, we're going to bring that same black shadow along your nose and inner corner to make the eyes even bigger! Bring the shadow together at the bottom of the eye along the lower lash line. 

Once you've got a super smokey cat eye, you'll want to snag some white shimmery shadow and place a small amount in the inner corner of your eye. Then take a fine liner brush and paint a small line outwards from your eye with some gel liner. This will just reinstate the cat eye effect we might've covered with the shimmer shadow. You'll want to go over some of this black shadow with real liner, just to make the look more bold. Tightline your upper and lower lash lines and add some super sexy false lashes to make those eyes pop even more! Blend your natural lashes with the fake ones with some mascara.

Once we've finished the eyes, you'll want to sweep off the excess fallout shadow before moving on. Next, take a small concealer brush and carve out the eyes with foundation. This is just to ensure your foundation doesn't cover any of the shadow/liner we just placed! It'll also make your eyes pop even more!

Once your foundation is applied and set, you can highlight, contour, and bronze as you normally would! We bronzed a little extra just to make this look a little more sultry. Snag a fine liner brush and some black gel liner to paint on the nose and whiskers. You'll want to draw a horizontal line across the bridge of your nose and connect it downwards on both sides before filling it in to make sure it's even. Then all that's left is to draw on your whiskers! We finished this look with some pink gloss to give the lips more pouty and some makeup setting spray! 

And the look is complete! For the hair, we just used a 3/4 inch curler and curled our models hair away from her face. We also found these super cute cat ears for this Halloween Party look!

The Costume

This is one of the simplest costumes to carry out! Have pieces in your closet that are black? You're set! We styled our favorite black lace bodysuit with some shorts, a corset waist belt, some fishnets, and mid rise slouchy boots! This look wouldn't be complete without the bling cat ears, of course!

You're ready for your Halloween party! Need more help creating this look? We've got your video tutorial below, as always!


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Piper Shae