Sizzlin' Hot Devil Halloween Costume!

We're back one more time with our last costume in our #PricelessHalloween series! This time, we've brought you a classic costume with a sizzlin' hot twist! Meet the hottest costume you'll want to recreate immediately, our Hot Devil Costume! This may look like it requires some makeup skills, but trust me, it was super easy! Celebrity MUA Allison Pynn had it done in a snap! 

The Makeup

We started off by priming the eyes with concealer and translucent powder. This will help the shadow stay in place. We then took a warm brown shadow and brushed it into the crease. This will provide a base for the rest of the look. Next, we took a black shadow and outlined the shape of a wing. Once you have the winged eyeliner look, take the leftover shadow and connect the wing with the crease, making a V shape on your outer lid. We also took that shadow and brought it down below the lower lashes to smoke out the look. 

After you've outlined your eyeshadow look, we filled in the empty space with a bright red shadow. Make sure to take this slow, as you don't want to use too much! Once that is filled in, we took a gel liner for the upper lid and a kohl liner for the lower to make the black shadow in the look more prominent. We also took some of the gel liner (because it is more precise) to make a small point in the inner corner of the eye.

You'll want to take some makeup remover and sweep away the excess shadow, this will also make your wing more sharp. We then applied some single lashes to great a more dramatic, yet not overly fake eyelash look. Once the eyes are done, we took a concealer brush to apply the foundation so it doesn't ruin the under-eye shadow. Apply your foundation and concealer as normal and set your face with some translucent powder. 

After you've contoured and filled in your brows, it's time to move on the the fun part, the lips! We took a bright red color for the inner part of the lips and the center, and then used a darker red for the outer corners and sides of the lips. This will create an ombre look and make your lips look bigger and fuller!

And you've completed the makeup look! See, super easy! We loved the contrast of the red eye and how it went with the red lip. Let's move on to the hair, shall we?

The Hair

The hair might be the only thing easier than the makeup! We opted for straight hair for this look to match the sleek costume. Once you've straightened your hair, you'll want to section the top layer of your hair up. Then take a section of hair from the back of your head and tease it up! I mean really go to town, because you'll want a lot of volume for this look! Spray the teased section with hairspray so the tease holds, and then release the top layer to cover the rough teased hair. Smooth the top layer down with a comb and then spray that layer so it doesn't move to reveal the teased hair later. 

We found some cute clip in glitter devil horns from the costume store and pinned those in more towards the front of the head. Make sure they are secure and placed the way you want them so you don't have to worry about them shifting later on. And voila! The hair is done! 

The Costume

My FAVORITE part!! This red two piece set is seriously everything, I'm so obsessed with it! It's super soft and flattering. The pants are a skinny cut so they pair perfectly with some black strappy heels! We found a pitchfork at a craft store to go with this look. If you want to add more red to the look, you could take some red ribbon and make a choker to add some sleekness to the look!

You're hotter than heck in this costume, and we want to see it! If you recreate this look, make sure you tag @shoppriceless and use #PricelessHalloween so we can see! 

Like always, if you're a visual learner, we have the whole tutorial recorded on our YouTube! 

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