St. Patrick's Day + March Horoscopes

Pinch me, is it already March?! This month is full of great energy and even better luck! With St. Patrick's day sitting right in the middle of the month, there’s enough luck to spread over the lengthy 31 days. When I was growing up, I would always play in the fresh spring fields of clovers looking for a lucky four leaf clover. Although they were far and few between, the feeling of being outside in the warm spring sunshine after a long cold winter felt so inviting. This month you’ll enjoy reading your horoscope by Heather Rose and find out the way to good luck and how to cross a rainbow to a pot of gold!



This month you're going to find yourself in the right place at just the right time. As you get out more and get involved with other people, you'll find opportunities coming your way that you may have never thought possible before. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled, Aquarius to see what luck may come your way. 




You will experience some unexpected gains this month. You may have had a stressful year so far but if you keep pushing forward, you will see your luck soon change. Your patience and perseverance will help you greatly and it's in your best interest to keep moving forward. You won't be disappointed. 


The daily routine of life can really dull your spirit so it's in your best interest to get out of that rut. You'll see luck come your way in the form of someone special. Share your time with someone you care about in your life and you'll find yourself encountering something amazing. If you don't have someone special, make sure to make some more social plans so that someone can find you. 


You're going to have a lot of luck in the career path of your life this month, Taurus. Whether you're putting in overtime or being nicer than usual to your boss, your hard work will pay off. Your peacekeeper personality will definitely help this month to getting what you seek in the career world. 


While you may not be one to plan ahead, it may be wise to do so this month Gemini. Inadequate planning may result in a situation with consequences. If you plan accordingly, you'll have a good stroke of luck that will follow your situation. 


Love has been escaping you quite often but this is your month. You'll be feeling a bit lucky when it comes to your love-life so don't be afraid to take chances. You'll find someone special somewhere you would least expect it. 


The upcoming spring season is calling out to you and you can't help but feel an inspiration of creativity this month. Try your hand at a project, Leo, preferably one that's a bit bigger. Luck is your friend for these few weeks so you should take advantage of it when you can. 


While you make friends pretty easily,you've never really been the touchy feely type. You let your friends know you care but you haven't been one for giving hugs or anything similar. That will change though when you find yourself opening up to someone you're not close to. Luck will place you by this person at just the time when you need it. 


You will need someone by your side this month and luck will make sure that just the right person is there for you. You're usually an optimistic person but you may hide other things about you. Not everyone will be fooled by your facade though and those who are not will be the ones to help you. 


You're going to be the life of the party this month, Scorpio , so you better use your luck while you have it. You have charisma and charm that almost no one can resist. Maybe this is the month that you'll find yourself lucky in love. 


You'll soon be finding yourself with a great luck in fortune. You may have never been lucky when it comes to your finances but that will soon be changing. Make sure to keep working hard and diligently and it will soon all pay off. 


Your family life may have been quite stressful this year but don't fret for too much longer. There will be a break for you soon and you'll find the peace you will need. You held on for long enough and now your luck is changing in your favor.

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