Can you feel the love this month? I've always been a sucker for Valentine's Day, even when I was single! I adored making and decorating my mailbox in elementary school to hold all the cute little valentines. Then sneakily adding extra hearts and candies on my love notes to my secret crush. Plus, pink, red and white is definitely the cutest color combo of all the holidays! And don't forget all the heart shaped candies! It's just too cute, I guess I'm a hopeless romantic deep down. So, to all you lovers out there, check out what February has in store for you with your monthly horoscope by Heather Rose! Plus, a few picks from Shop Priceless that your sign will love!

You've been looking for a sincere and genuine connection for quite some time Aquarius. Well, this is your month to find your soulmate! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for those who come your way!

Aquarius Picks


You've been stung by many people in your past and now you need to enter a healing phase. In order to love others, you need to first love yourself and lay some old ghosts to rest. While you start to move on, some bittersweet feelings may reemerge but that just means you're ready to move on.

Pisces Picks


Some old past memories will be stirred up this month. You'll feel a spark of romance and passion with someone you never thought you would be associated with again. Whoever you find yourself with, it's probably been a long time so you've both have matured and can handle what comes your way now.

Aries Picks


This is the month for you to focus on the love you may have for your family, Taurus! Sometimes it's easy to forget to call them up or hold onto old grudges but it would be best for you to move on from them and make peace. You have a deep love for your family whether you admit it or not.

Taurus Picks


You're going to have to make a change this month, Gemini, in order to see a difference in your love life. It's easy to stick to your comfort zone and think you know what you want. You'll see that when you step outside of it, you'll find a great romantic opportunity.

Gemini Picks


All eyes are on you this month and that charm is going to attract a certain someone. They won't be able to help the attraction they feel towards you and will be tempted to pursue you. Make sure you allow yourself to be open to the idea even if they may not seem like your type. You'll get along better with them than you may think.

Cancer Picks


Your relationships will definitely improve this month, romantic and otherwise. You'll probably notice as well that there is a certain someone at work trying to catch your eye. Don't be afraid to be a bit risky and flirt back with this potential romantic interest.

Leo Picks


It's time to take your relationship up a notch this month. It's easy to feel relax and get a bit too comfortable in your relationships and they may begin to feel stale. Try something new with your partner and see where you may end up. You may learn things about your relationship that you could have never pictured.

Virgo Picks


You're going to be in high demand this month and almost everyone will be pining after your attention. Have fun and try not to take yourself too seriously. While you're having fun and enjoying yourself, your confident and carefree attitude will definitely attract someone your way.

Libra Picks


While this month may be highly focused on romance, you should focus on a different type of love. You haven't been loving yourself like you should have and it's starting to show in your everyday life. Pick up a new hobby like yoga in order to focus on your potential and help find peace in your everyday life. People will be more attracted to you once you find that confidence and happiness.

Scorpio Picks


You really want to spoil your sweetheart this month but it doesn't look like the money is in the cards. A sweet little getaway doesn't have to be expensive though. Disconnect from the world and get close and cozy right up in your own home. There's a lot of ways to relax if you're creative about it.

Sagittarius Picks


If you have a few misunderstandings lately, it would be best to work them out with your loved one. Try your best to communicate clearly and let your needs be know while also respecting what they may want. It's certain that by the end of the month, you'll feel even closer and more loved by them.

Capricorn Picks


We hope you enjoyed this month's reading and that your month is filled with lots of love, hugs and kisses and most of all, chocolate! And as always, stay tuned for next month's horoscope!


Justine Searle