Baby, it's cold outside! One of the main reasons I can tolerate frigid temperatures is due to the outrageously adorable fashion.! During the hot summer months, it's all "Less is more!" But during the winter, it's "More is more!" especially when it comes to layering. Now that the snowy season is here, it's time to start bundling up with cozy layers from the top of your head to the tips of your toes! See how to keep warm all winter long with these seven chic, cold-weather accessories!


1. Beanies

Don't let the heat escape from that noggin'! This Carson Knit Beanie will keep you warm from the top of your head in the cutest burgundy shade!


2. Socks

Keep those tootsies and gams nice 'n' cozy in the Miss You Thigh High Socks! Also available in charcoal!


3. Scarves

Wrap yourself up in this Raleigh Plaid Fringe Scarf! Psst! It does double duty as a picnic blanket! (See previous photo!)


5. Leggings

Get a leg up on staying warm in the Maja Fleece Leggings! Fleece-lined for added warmth and ultra softness, you'll never want to take them off!


6. Sweaters

Nothing's better than snuggling up with knit fabrics during chilly seasons! Our Cozy On Up Sweaters will do just the trick!


7. Boots

Sliding your feet into these glorified slippers! These vegan-friendly From The North Boots feature faux suede and fur, perfect for trudging through the snow!


Which item is your favorite to wear during the cold-weather months? Is there anything you love wearing during the winter season that I missed? Let me know in the comments!




Justine Searle