Fun Ways To Stay Positive At Home

Finding yourself now spending more time at home was kind of fun at first, but over an extended period of time it’s easy to feel disconnected, unmotivated, and probably pretty bored. But here’s an idea: instead of thinking that you’re stuck inside, think of this as an opportunity to try all of the creative and interesting things you’ve always put aside for later. You can start getting really into painting, connect with loved ones, or just get some quality “you” time. Here are some ideas to keep you positive and inspired at home! 

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1. Re-Organize Your Space


Odds are, you're spending a lot (if not all) of your time at home now. So why not spend some time re-arranging your space! Whether that's your bedroom, or your apartment, making your personal space cozier and relaxing will overall help you stay more motivated and energized. 

2. Try Something New

If there was ever a time to get invested in some new projects, now is a perfect time! Try your hand at painting, drawing, knitting, or anything that involves using your hands. You may even discover a hidden creative talent!

3. Try An Online Workout

Whether you're an avid gym-lover or just getting into fitness, there are plenty of ways to get fit without a gym! Staying physically active will help you maintain a sense of normalcy- and boost your mood! Through Instagram and various apps, there are all sorts of ways to work on your fitness at home! Need a legging upgrade? We're obsessed with our Pine Athleisure Leggings, and our matching Pine Athleisure Crop Top

4. Get Creative With Beauty Tutorials

Practice makes perfect, and odds are you’ve got some extra time on your hands. Check out some fun makeup, hair, and even nail tutorials and experiment with new looks! There are plenty of online tutorials to try out- even if you want to try a new look every day! If you're needing some new at-home nail ideas, head over to our latest blog here for major inspo! 

5. Try A New Recipe 

Test out your baking skills or mix up a fun cocktail! This is the perfect time to try out a new recipe and get creative in the kitchen. There is an endless amount of online recipes to try out with things you most likely already have in your pantry!  

6. Spa Day At Home

There's truly nothing we love more than a good, long soak in the tub. Put on some relaxing music, grab your favorite bath bomb, and pour a glass of wine (or two). You can even turn on your oil diffuser (or just light a candle), put on a face mask, and enjoy some much needed "you" time.

7. Invest In Some Lounge Wear


Since you're spending so much time at home, why not invest in some loungewear that's not only comfy but makes you feel good! We are currently living in our Teddy Mocha Lounge Shorts and Zip-Up Crop Hoodie. These make the perfect casual outfit- at home and after all this blows over! 

8. Meditate

Getting into the practice of spending a few minutes every day being present, mindful, and aware will help you remain sane at home- and give you some extra motivation to get through your day! There are plenty of (free!) online meditations that are accessible to any and everyone! 

9. Send A Handwritten Note + Care Package

When’s the last time you actually hand wrote anything? Write a note to a friend or family member that's least expecting it. You can even put together a care package that you'll have fun putting together! You’ll def brighten their day with a piece of mail that’s not a bill.

10. Have A Dance Party

Make a playlist that gets you moving and let yourself unwind to favorite songs. Turn up the volume and dance like no one is watching (because odds are no one really is). 

11. Play Dress Up

Playing dress-up isn't just for kids! Our new favorite quarantine activity is getting dressed up and taking photos all around the house. This is such a great way to achieve a sense of normalcy- and get some great new content on your feed!