Hey beauty queens! It's been a minute since we got our hands on some lippies from Kylie Cosmetics, and Kylie Jenner has been a busy girl since we last did our last try-on video! Her most recent release included a handful of fall shades and we just had to see them for ourselves! So we grabbed a few of the girls from HQ and gave them all a go!

We started with the color Moon, which was my favorite! We then followed up with Pumpkin, which took us by surprise since it turned out to be the most universally flattering shade of all of them. We then tried Spice, which had a gorgeous, deep berry tone, but unfortunately had some issues with application. Next up was Love Bite! This one ended up looking drastically different on each of us, which we found interesting since we thought it was so similar in color to Spice. And last but not least was Trick! It was... well... watch and see for yourselves!


See what the overall color consensus is along with the final grade we gave each shade below!

Color consensus: A dusty, pinky-brown shade


Individual Grade:

Justine: A - "I'm over the moon for this lippie!"

Mo: B - "It was just... okay!"

Nic: D - "Send it back to the moon!"

Color consenseus: A burnt orange shade


Individual Grade:

Justine: A - "If only it tasted like pumpkin pie!"

Mo: A - "It's orange!"

Nic: A - "It makes me want a latte."

Color Consensus: A deep, eye-poppin' berry shade


Individual Grade:

Justine: B - "A blackberry and raspberry kiss."

Mo: C - "Reminds me of Franken Berry Cereal!"

Nic: A - "It's spicy!"

Color Consensus: A purple-y, gray-ish brown shade


Individual Grade:

Justine: A - "A purple-y, grayish color of death, but in a good way!"

Mo: B - "Lipstick for vampires."

Nic: C - "Sultry."

Color consensus: A deep, blue-green shade


Individual Grade:

Justine: F - "When a green goblin punches you in the face."

Mo: A - "House of Slytherin in a tube."

Nic: Auto E - "Is this a trick?"

Are you hyped about this new launch? Which shade is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! Also, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date on our latest videos!